THE WORD. The Lexical Inventory of Holy Scripture In The Original Biblical Languages Of The Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament) And The Greek New Testament And The Septuaginta (LXX) (kartoniertes Buch)

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This book contains the complete word lists with lexicostatistic data on their relative frequency of occurrence of the following Biblical original language texts: the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament), the Greek New Testament and the Greek text of the Septuaginta (LXX). Such basic data are essential and a pre-requisite for any further research work in the analysis of these texts with a view to the grammatical structures used in these texts and the shades of meaning in the literary contexts in which they are actually used. For the latter task, the use of reliable word concordances to these original Biblical language texts is highly recommended (such as ISBN 9783959353625 and 9783959353588, Hamburg 2017). For textual exegesis and interpretation, text-critical research of original Biblical language texts and linguistic text analysis.
The compiler of this book, Dr Muhammad Schmidt, graduated in Linguistics, Sinology, African, English and German studies as well as Theology and Comparative Religion from universities in Germany and the United States of America and gained rich teaching and research experience at universities worldwide (Europe, Asia, Africa and USA) with numerous publication to his credit. Dr. Schmidt is a Presiding Bishop Emeritus of the Christian Missionary Anglican Communion (CMAC).